10 reasons why I hate social media hype

I hate the new social media trend

This is getting more and more popular and intrusive.  Here are 10 reasons why social media movement is so annyoing!

  1. Every body and their dogs are joining social media it’s a trend and people seem to follow it blindly like sheep
  2. Every large corporation like Google and Fox news want their piece of the pie, like corporate vultures
  3. The “social community” is rampant with fake people, with fake profiles, fake friends etc…
  4. Large websites and corporation love social media because they get free content, why pay journalist or writers when “users” will contribute for free? This is exploitation and free labor for them.
  5. Most socials sites try to force you to login using their credentials
  6. The website themes are always happy and cute looking
  7. The copy cat syndrome: hundreds of sites are trying to copy the leaders with more than often dismal results
  8. Social media is not social at all, it actually encourages people to withdraw from “real” social contact and society
  9. Social media is useless as an SEO tool, most sites are nofollow, a lot of sites don’t even allow live links
  10. Social media is useless for advertisers, conversion ratio is abysmal, a conversation about running shoes will not mean sale for a manufacturer for example

4 thoughts on “10 reasons why I hate social media hype”

  1. I agree, social media is a waste of time, pretty much SEO efforts on it’s last legs. Since SEO is pretty much dead, webmasters are scrambling all over the place to bow down to Google and search engines to jump on the social media band wagon…

    Now why individuals get suckered into this social media hype is still a mystery to me…

  2. I’m in Marketing and am continually forced to use Social Media as a method with which to drive leads. I have not yet seen it result in any form of return or contribute to sales – even with a large following. I’m incredibly sick of people preaching that one should be a social media expert in a Marketing position as people still respond far greater to other communication methods which have existed for years. It’s trendy, boring as hell and a waste of a business’ time, and quite frankly a waste of one’s personal time too.

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Yes, exactly. Social media is about exploiting webmasters for free content.

    Total waste of time, no return.

    Just a fad that, I don’t do it anymore, tried every angle, just nothing, except for Google stuffing their pockets…

    May I ask what kind of business you are in?

    I’m getting out of the whole online industry and concentrating on my bricks and mortar food processing business in Asia, I might be able to use some “real” marketing talent!

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